Vegas Supernova windows for Selfridges

May 2005

One of many window schemes created for Selfridges over the years that range from the interactive sensor induced pop up 'kinkinki' japanese cartoon characters, to animated toys for 'Kids on 3', Christmas promotions and a huge 5m eyeball suspended from of the front of the shop!
The Supernova Vegas windows on Oxford Street were designed by David La Chapelle, the theme was the seedier side of Las Vegas vice. Through close collaboration we produced 4 window displays. Cherries - In this window the cherries inflated and deflated while the neon flashed and blinked behind them. XXX - These enormous breasts inflated and deflated pushing themselves up against the window. This window proved to be the most popular with passers by! All You Can Eat - The half eaten hamburger and jumbo hotdog inflated and deflated in the window, while the neon blazed out across the street. Drugs - Here the snow fell from the ceiling forming lines. The straw then moved across the window to swiftly snort it all up!