Inflatable Hire


Inflatable Hire

We maintain a varied and bizarre selection of hire stock available for all events look at our selection! Prices are for daily hire with installation costs dependent on requests.

Gold Teddybear
This huggable character is popular with children in kids area at events or private birthday parties!
240cm Height

Toy Car
Cute little bubble car.
240cm Length                    

Crayons (set of 6)
Effective décor at kids events for arts and crafts areas or stages.
150cm Height                    

Wall of Boobs
Perfect for... an adult's party or breast feeding area!
470cm Length x 230cm Height x 150cm Depth

Giant burger with a bite taken out.
200cm Diameter x 141cm Height

175cm Diameter  

20-pointed Stars (white)
Popular lightweight décor in tents at outdoor events or to frame stages, supplied with an internal light and available in two sizes.
Small - 150cm Diameter: £50.00
Large - 240cm Diameter: £60.00

Spiked Hearts | 240cm Height | £60.00
Winged Hearts (cherubic) | 150cm Height | £50.00
Plain Hearts | 120cm Height | £40.00

Mayan Archway
290cm Height

Stage Front  
10 meters Length

Based on a Transformer, this one often accompanies his Teddybear friend.
240cm Height                    

Bubble Pot with Wand
190cm Height                    

Clouds (set of 3)
250cm Length x 150cm Height

Cherries (set of 3)               
140cm Diameter x 230cm Height

320cm Length

Clear Sphere
300cm Diameter

Onion shaped and adaptable pieces that can be rigged in clusters or separate components.
350cm Length

Chinese Lantern
380cm Diameter

Flying Fish (2 available)
350cm Length

Coloured Serpent
16 meters Length

Flower (3 available)
2 meters Height
£100.00 each