Whether you are young or old Rachel believes that the inflatable medium can offer learners the capacity  to create metamorphic, large or small scale structures be it sculptural objects, installations, design solutions, for wearability or play. This lightweight medium can offer learners boundless opportunities to learn and create.
Are inflatables underused in art and design education? Yes until now…!

This selection of work shows our work with early years, schools, summer schools, through to Foundation Art and Design students.

Rachel is currently devising further projects that:

  • Introduce learners to the inflatable medium by teaching simple construction techniques of turning 2D ideas into 3D work.

  • Enable learners to make large scale pieces.

  • Span knowledge taken from cross curriculum subjects such as mathematics and science.

  • Engage with how learners can take ownership of their artwork, by what they do and how they present it.