Camberwell Arts College


In contrast to the South Devon College project this work was with Students mid way through their Foundation Art and Design course who had already decided on their area of proposed study for degree level courses so the course consisted of Fine Art, Design, fashion and textiles students. This also was produced with no materials budget where students were responsible for their own materials. Rachel was also very conscious that students at this point were already on a journey with their ideas and concerns and offered here a very experimental course to learn about inflatables. In order to experience its unique qualities. Her intension for the 4 day workshop being that the students were to experience the qualities of the inflatable medium rather than get bogged down in the complexities of construction by  developing lo tech methods of working simple forms, this  encouragingly resulted in a very assorted response. However the overriding quality exposed by inflatables' transformational qualities was its ability to invite human interaction.