Artist Residency in White Cross Street EC1

Consultations with local residents highlighted the need for engagement between the artists participating in the annual street party and the local community. Arts Council funding was sought and awarded to St Luke's Community Centre to commission 5 artists to take residence in the street before the annual White Cross Street Party. This enabled the local community to observe the artists' process and if they wanted to participate in it. Rachel was assisted by Margaret Jennings while resident on the street where they invited audience interaction with the components of the proposed installationBy opening an interactive exhibition - Look, Touch and Change. Here visitors were able to interact with the tubes and play with configurations. At St Luke's Primary School Rachel and Margaret facilitated two educational workshops about Street Art where pupils designed and created artistic interventions in the playground. At the event Rachel's installation used the facade of the YMCA building, here young YMCA members assisted in the install. This engaged over 90 local residents in the development of this work.