Pinksie the Whale, inflatable jellyfish

June/July 2014

Here children in Queensbridge School and De Beauvoir School in Hackney created inflatable jellyfish and squid as part of a project organised by Pinksie, where 24 artists from various disciplines worked in three Hackney schools to promote in each a week of creativity. The children were inspired by the book 'Pinksie the Whale and the Deep Blue Sea' which is a story that celebrates difference. Represented through a story where Pinksie the Whale discovers all kinds of strange creatures from the deep sea. Artists took this inspiration as a starting point from which to initiate creative workshops. The children’s' imaginative work was exhibited at the Rose Lipman Building, Hackney. The art work was put on sale to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital.
The children created their inflatable creatures through group collaboration, the sharing of ideas through drawings and working together to decorate and construct their work.