Inflatable Sculpture installation, Isle of Lewis

April 2002

Rachel James worked in collaboration with Lucy Hubbard to create a winning proposal for an outreach project funded by the Scottish Arts Council aimed at children living in remote areas. The project managed by An Llantair Arts centre asked that we work with 3 groups of children aged between 4-6, 7-10,11-16 in two villages on the island over two weeks each staging an exhibition on the Friday of each week the exhibition was open to the public. The project worked with internal and external space to create an installation piece. The early years group worked on the external space area which would lead viewers into the children's installation using paper to create light pods.
The second group worked on the transformation area which consisted of three cylinders in transparent PVC.
The third group worked on the internal space which involved entering the tent to view. Members each designed a personalised emblem or tag to decorate the inside; by forming multiples patterns were formed and each child stitched a panel to the next to create an inflatable tent. All of the children took inspiration from their interests, identities and surroundings to create their art work as well as gaining understanding into how 3d work is constructed from 2d forms and how inflatable forms can be simply made.