Science Week at Gayhurst Community School

March 2015

Cell project

During the school's Science Week in March 2015 Rachel collaborated with Gayhurst to design a project that introduced the concept of cells and inflatable design to year 3 pupils.Groups of six children explored the patterns and shapes found in cells and worked to produce a 3D form from collage, drawing and simple construction. They learnt how constant air pressure maintains an inflatable. The results can be seen in the photographs of team work, new understanding of scientific concepts and simple construction techniques to produce inflatable sculptures.

Snake project

This involved the whole school on a large scale collaborative piece during their Science Week, here we used our old friend the snake.We engaged all ages from nursery to year 6, to learn about the function of scales, their shapes colours and the reptiles, fish and animals that wear them. This work was accompanied by real life reptiles that came to visit the children at the school. Each child designed a scale which was laminated and attached to the snake. This resulted in a new skin for the snake where children learnt through art practice and experienced a collaborative exhibition.